The B-THENET Platforms’ Content Moderation Policy is available on the B-THENET Platforms to inform registered users who can vote, rate, comment, ask questions and give tips on the Best Practices about the code of conduct applicable when using the Platforms.

All registered users are invited to contribute to the rating and improvement of the B-THENET beekeeping practices. Different professional views and opinions expressed are welcome but neither offensive nor unrespectful and/or discriminative comments of any nature are not accepted.

Please share your opinion, questions and comments related to the subject of the given beekeeping practice. Link-only comments, questions and tips are not accepted.

Spamming is not allowed on either part of the platforms.

We reserve the right to delete all comments that do not respect the present Content Moderation Policy of the B-THENET Platforms. Users violating the present Content Moderation Policy can be banned.

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October 2023

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The binding text of the PRIVACY NOTICE PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 13 OF REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 shall be in the English language. It shall be the principal text for all evaluations, discussions and interpretations.