The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The information is given in compliance with article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR) to individuals interested in supporting the implementation of B-THENET (G.A. 101059812), funded by Horizon Europe Programme and coordinated by IZSLT (mail to The information is given to carry out applications, registrations, and administrative management of users; store data subject’s personal data in B-THENET Platform Database; be contacted again for further project surveys, require the Advisory Board Member or Collaborating Partners’ consent in processing data; receive news, information, invitations to events and workshops, publications, announcements and newsletters relating to the activities conducted  by B-THENET, profile the subject data for the research project activities, and enable the Service Provider to address and handle claims or litigations.;  

Data Controller

For the purposes of the GDPR (article 24) the Data Controller are:

IZSLT- Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Lazio e Toscana

Via Appia Nuova 1411 – 00178 Rome- Italy

Data Protection Officer Fabrizio Corzani

e-mail:, PEC:


APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea,

via Cavour 71 – 00184 Rome – Italy

Data Protection Officer: Renato Fà


Tel +39 6 48939993

Type of data processed

As part of our activities, the Controller collects and processes personal data provided by you, the data subject, in particular: First Name, Last Name, Username, Email address, Password, Role, Zip code, Country, Institute, Stakeholder category, Spatial level of interaction, Stakeholder type, Main language spoken, Second language spoken and Images of Users (optional) and Beekeeping Practices (optional), to the extent that is needed and helpful to attain the purposes set out below.

Purpose of processing and profiling

We may collect and use personal data for the following purposes:

Specifically, we may ask you personal data through the compilation of surveys. These consist in a first mandatory survey to allow for rating the most relevant practices and innovations to be applied in beekeeping (in 2023 the Survey includes two themes: the Apiary set-up and management/maintenance and Varroosis) and two optional surveys where opinion on preferred means of communication is collected, and the opportunity to describe in detail a beekeeping practice is given. Moreover, if you consent, images that illustrate the step-by-step procedure of the practice that you described, can be processed as project material (e.g. published in the project platform to illustrate step-by-step procedures; used as dissemination and communication tools in the project website and social media).

Personal data requested upon registration in the platform will be used to: invite users to project events, mailing lists and further project assessments (e.g. surveys); to fulfill EU goals of involving young beekeepers and equal gender ratios in the project; to identify country and climatic region onto which beekeepers involved in the project operate. Moreover, we may ask for further information about your areas of interest, so that you are classified in B-THENET Platforms based on your experience and background, and receive communications that are targeted to your preferences/commitment to the project. Personal data collected in B-THENET Platform Database are not subject to automated decision-making or profiling. Some online services and tasks can be automated, such as registrations of responses to surveys and registrations to our events, but they are not based on analysing the personal profile of the data subject.

Legal basis for processing personal data

For the purposes set out above, the legal basis of processing is the consent you, the data subject, give to the processing of your personal data, [article 6.1.a of the GDPR] and for the legitimate interest of the Service Provider (i.e. security monitoring) [article 6.1.f of the GDPR] 

Data Subject Rights

In relation to your personal data, you can exercise your rights as data subject under the GDPR, namely:

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

The rights set out above can be exercised in writing by sending an email to

You as data subject have also the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali).

Data storage and retention

All information collected about you will be kept strictly confidential. Your data will be stored in a safe and lockable place at B-THENET Platform Database. Only B-THENET Controllers will have access to this information and the sole purpose of storing your data is for project activities.

If the Data subject doesn’t exercise the withdrawn right, data shall be stored in B-THENET Platform for as long as required by the purpose they have been processed for, and no longer than the duration of B-THENET, unless the data subject agrees to let controllers continue to use them for other research purposes. Processed data might survive the project, as it may become part of publications and other dissemination activities in pseudonymization or anonymization. (

Any longer storage periods remain unaffected, in the event that they are required due to legal, accounting and/or fiscal obligations.

Consent to data processing

You are free to give or withhold your consent to processing of your personal data for the purposes above. We need your freely given consent to carry out applications, registrations, and administrative management of users; store data subject’s personal data in B-THENET Platform Database; be contacted again for further project surveys, require consent in processing data as Advisory Board Member or Collaborating Partner, receive news, information, invitations to events and workshops, publications, announcements and newsletters relating to the activities conducted by B-THENET, profile the subject data for the research project activities; and enable the Service Provider to address and handle claims or litigations .

Should you deny your consent, we will be unable to process your data.

Disclosure of data outside of B-THENET

Your personal data may be disclosed outside of the project for specific reasons. In particular, your personal data may be made available to entities providing IT system management on behalf of controllers, competent authorities and/or public bodies, European Commission, and supervisory authorities to comply with statutory requirements. Moreover, the Controller will share the subject’s data with the B-THENET Partners once the Joint Controllers Agreement will be signed. Requests by data subjects to exercise their data protection rights shall be handled in a coordinated manner through the e-mail address which shall be identified as a contact point for data subjects in the data protection information provided to them by each Party.

How data is processed

Your data will be processed by our controller’s employees and other authorized individuals. Said employees, and other authorized individuals may consult, use, process, compare the data as well as carry out any other appropriate action, including using automated means, always in compliance with statutory requirements that ensure, inter alia, protection of the confidentiality and security of the personal data, as well as data accuracy, update and appropriateness to the purposes for which the data is collected and used, as stated above.

Data re-use

The data stored will be used for the activities relating to the B-THENET. Moreover, the data could be shared and used for other EU projects that may benefit from them after pseudonymization or anonymization and in accordance with the purpose of the consent given (Art. 25 of GDPR). This includes their processing for research purposes and dissemination activities. Your data will, under no circumstances, be sold to any third party.

Transfer of data outside of the EU

Your Data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

Changes and updates

IZSLT and APRE may make changes and/or additions to this privacy notice including as a result of regulatory changes. As consequence, the Controllers suggest reading frequently the present privacy policy on the Platform.

Data Breach

In case of a data breach, each beneficiary will immediately inform the Coordinator, IZSLT and APRE. In any situation, the event will be handled as per artt. 33-34 of the EU 2016/679 GDPR. Together they will undertake all steps necessary to minimize any possible negative consequences.

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By clicking on the “Register and Profiling” button in the subscription form you give your consent to our processing of your personal data in accordance with the purposes described above.

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